Myy creates content that sells.

Myy is a PR and marketing agency.
We believe in forex time table content and  enter inbound marketing.

With high-quality content and inbound marketing techniques,
is possible to attract, engage, option brokers convert and delight customers.

see Great content is created by combining opcje binarne bdswiss data and opcje binarne najniższy depozyt creativity.
With our help and expertise you can build up profitable,
long-term customer relationships.


Brand strategy

For us, customer experience and functionality are in the core of brand strategy. Furthermore, when the insides are in perfect shape, it should be seen from outside: we make sure that your visual identity matches the brand strategy.

Content strategy

Content strategy starts where brand strategy ends. We utilize customer insight and data in order to create the language and tone that attract the target groups. High-quality, coordinated content makes the brand recognizible and brings added value to users.

Building and developing own channels

The key to inbound marketing is to master your own channels. Since when have you updated your website? Is your social media channels utilized to meet their full potential? We help our customers to build and develop their own channels in order to attract the right potentials with high-quality content.

High-quality content that sells

Inbound is the art of not disturbing people. Users consume content at their own terms and brands need to answer that call with right kind of content for the different phases of the buyer's journey. You can outsource your content creation to us with any scale: we can do it all for you or just a tiny bit – and everything in between.

Target group activation

The basis of inbound marketing is to guide users forward in the journey in becoming leads and later on customers. Not everyone is the same and different target groups consume different types of contet.  We know what your traget gropu wants and needs – and we'll do it for you.

Analytics, SEO & PPC

Setting and measuring the right goals help you to understand how different content affects on users' behaviour. Content is the king when seeking success with search engines: providing high-quality content that attract users to spend time with the brand, share and comment will be seen in search engine reasults – as well as in your sales.

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Our work

New children's hospital 2017

The goal of the fundraising campaign was to collect 30 million euros in order to build a new children's hospital. With the help of continuous content marketing the goal was reached in only 1,5 years.
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Garmin Nordic Finland

Garmin launched four new products by engaging customers in blogs and media.
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The Finnish Bible Society

The Finnish Bible Society translates and publishes the Bible. In 2014 the Bible Society wanted to create a new fundraising concept with emphasis on digital fundraising aimed at new potential donors.
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RAY: Finland's Slot Machine Association

RAY's Open position - supporting youth employment -program - was launched succesfully to social- and welfare organizations, young people and decision makers. The strong concept, Work, thank you!, put young people at the center of the communication challenging stakeholders to take action.
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Donald Duck

The goal of the Duckenheim campaign was to celebrate the 80-year-old Donald Duck in a manner that engaged both adults and children. We created a phenomena that made Donald Duck more relevant than ever.
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